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Collaboration in Action | Time and Rhythm

26 November 2019
12:00pm - 2:00pm
Creative Practice Lab | Basement level | SEB (E8) | UNSW Sydney | NSW 2052
This event has ended

It's the reality ... collaboration is essential for success in research. Research funders are increasingly favouring projects that involve cross disciplinary collaboration. Academic promotion panels demand evidence of contribution to collaborative team efforts.

But it's also the reality that collaboration isn’t the automatic consequence of putting smart people in a room or simply opening up lines of communication. Collaboration is a skill that, just like any other, requires inquiry, concentration and perseverance to acquire. 

Meridian 180 @ UNSW is hosting a series of Masterclasses focusing on how we can improve in various aspects of collaboration in a research setting.

26 November, 12-2pm - Temporalities, time and rhythm in collaboration: There is a rhythm and pace to collaboration. How can differently paced people can work well together? more info

Videos of ‘Collaboration in action’ and ‘Languages in and of Collaboration’ are available to view and share here.


Professor Dorottya Fabian, UNSW - Dorottya is A/Dean Research Training in the School of Arts and Media. She is interested in how performance style and expressive vocabulary changes over time and explore aesthetics questions both empirically through experiments and measurements as well as philosophically using interdisciplinary approaches and cross cultural investigations.

Professor Ben Newell, UNSW - Ben is Deputy HOS in the School of Psychology. His research focusses on the cognitive processes underlying judgment, choice and decision making and the application of this knowledge to environmental, medical, financial and forensic contexts. He is a member of the inaugural Academic Advisory Panel of the Behavioural Economics Team of the Australian Government striving to put human behaviour at the heart of government policy.

Chloë Spackman, Australian Futures Project - Chloë is the Director of Programs at the Australian Futures Project, a non-partisan, non-profit organisation with a mission to end short-termism in Australia, including in politics, policy-making, and the media. Chloë will draw on her rich experience working with government and politicians to offer insights into how to maximise those relationships for mutual benefit.

About the organiser

Meridian 180 is an international, multi-lingual 1200+ membership of academics, policy makers and industry players. We support and promote thought leadership and tri-sectoral collaboration to break down the barriers between research, government and industry.  UNSW is the Oceania|Pacific home of M180.

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