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Being in Learning Mode

14 November 2019
4:00pm - 5:00pm
Tyree Room, John Niland Scientia Building
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Being in Learning Mode

Presented by Associate Professor Peter Heslin, UNSW Scientia Education Fellow, UNSW Business School

Why is it that leaders often learn little from their leadership experiences? Why do students often not seem to learn a great deal from many of their educational and work experiences?

Associate Professor Heslin and his colleagues have defined being in learning mode as deliberately cycling through relevant approach, action, and reflection experiential learning processes, when holding more of a growth than a fixed mindset.

During this interactive presentation, Peter will unpack the theoretical and empirical basis of this definition and describe how AGSM MBA (Executive) students are primed to be in learning mode throughout and beyond their formal management education. Insights from preliminary research about how other educators from a range of UNSW faculties cue their students to be in learning mode suggest promising practices that might be applied across campus.

Attendees will also be shown how to get themselves more fully in learning mode about a skill they would personally like to master.  

Join us for the upcoming Scientia Education Lecture followed by nibbles and drinks.


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