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Breathe : an event in three parts

23 – 24 November 2022
7.00pm – 8.30pm AEDT
Esme Timbery Creative Practice Lab
This event has ended
Photo of a person with fabric blowing all around them like an 80s video clip but more elegant. Graphic of red balloons overlaid on the photo.

The act of breathing has taken on a new meaning of late, it’s become a health crisis, a political football and the centre of debates around personal liberties. It is also something very human, we all do it. Breath is an integral part of life; we can’t exist without it.  “Catch my breath”, “take a breather”, “you take my breath away”. The silent rise and fall of each new breath reflects our ever-changing lives. Breath is sometimes invisible, often hard to control, but always there if we stop to listen. 

A live performance in three parts, created by emerging artists in the final-year course Collaborative Performance Making, with guidance from guest performance maker and lecturer Deborah Pollard


Who's Buying? 

How can the individual support their health in the face of market-driven climate-change? Fear not, the market has the fix! 

Erin Golden
Toby Francis
Phoebe Parker
Cinnamon Howearth
Nicole Tabuena 

Happy Breath-day! 

From cries to laughs, moans to gasps, guiding you from first to last, breath is a constant companion. 

Lauren Lofberg
Rachael Adamson
Keeratikorn Cruvongpaiboon
Bianca Frazis
Caitlin Anne Beckwith
Minerva Khodabande 

Warning: Choking Hazard 

The music is calming, the clothes are fashionable, the products are new, and end is nigh. When all we have left are the things that we’ve made, what shall sustain us? 

Sharlini Williams
Emily McCarthy
Roy Wallace-Cant
Andrea Zhang
Zoe Clifford-Sellam