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Can’t Buy My Silence

23 February 2023
6.00pm – 8.00pm AEDT
UNSW Law & Justice UNSW Sydney Law Theatre G04 Kensington, NSW 2052
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Dr Julie Macfarlane sits on lounge with a white shirt

Can’t Buy My Silence – #timesup for covering up sexual harassment and violence.

With Dr Julie Macfarlane, C.M. Emerita Distinguished Professor of Law, Co-Founder (with Zelda Perkins) of Can't Buy My Silence hosted by Kingsford Legal Centre.

About this Event

Recently, across the world we have heard the experiences of people who have bravely spoken out about the sexual harassment and sexual violence they have experienced. This has exposed the failures of legal systems in many countries and strengthened the call to reform laws and practices to eliminate sexual harassment and violence.


However, across the globe even today many people are legally prevented from speaking out about their experiences through the widespread use of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). The use of NDAs can hide dangerous conduct and allow perpetrators to flourish. In Australia, their use remains widespread despite significant international legal reforms in the past year.

Professor Macfarlane founded Can't Buy My Silence with Zelda Perkins (the first woman to break her Weinstein NDA) to shine a light on the need to legally regulate and restrict the use of NDAs. She will speak about the worldwide campaign to restrict the use of NDAs and why it’s time for Australia to jump on board.


Join Professor Macfarlane and Kingsford Legal Centre live in-conversation about the global campaign to end the legal silence and find out how you can join it!