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Collaboration in Action | How our brains collaborate

26 March 2020
12:00pm - 2:00pm
Hilmer Building (E10) | Level 5 Atrium and Meeting Room | UNSW Sydney | NSW 2052
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COVID-19 Update

Thank you for your interest in this event. UNSW is postponing or cancelling non-essential events in an effort to constrain the spread of the virus. Event organisers are currently investigating live streaming as a possible option for this event. We will update this page, and contract registered attendees as information becomes available.

Stay well.

Meridian 180 @ UNSW


Dr Micah Goldwater is a cognitive psychologist whose research investigates the nature, acquisition, and use of knowledge.

Interdisciplinary collaboration is an increasingly common experience in universities and life. Yet we have all had the experience of struggling to connect with and understand our colleagues. The feeling that we just don’t ‘get’ them, or that they don’t ‘get’ us.

In this masterclass Micah will share his insights into how our innate brain functions can impede our best efforts to collaborate in novel contexts, to accommodate knowledge frameworks that are not part of our training and to learn from those outside our discipline.

Join us to explore:

- The power of mental models and their impact on our ability to accommodate collaborators from different disciplines and sectors.

- How long held beliefs and heuristics that seem to have been successful in the past might impede open and generous collaboration.

- Differences between how experts and novices think and considerations for researchers at different career stages to maximise engagement.

- How unconscious biases feed interdisciplinary mistrust.

This will be both fun and insightful with something for us all to take away.