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A Daring Fiesta // UNSW Latin Conjunto & Jazz Orchestra

8 August 2022
7.30pm – 8.30pm AEST
Esme Timbery Creative Practice Lab
This event has ended
Skull with horns and trumpets for eyes, a tropical flower behind its ear. Melting pizzas form a pattern in the background.

Oozing with joy, this is a celebration of bold musical choices. The UNSW Latin Conjunto and Jazz Orchestra are joining forces to bring you liturgies for computer games, homages to pizza, Beach Boys done the Latinx way, and saucy Cuban classics.

Our Jazz Orchestra delivers two original compositions by its members and a quirky standard from the archetypal jazz pianist/composer Thelonious Monk. While waiting for the release of a new computer game, saxophonist Greg Stopic took his giddy anticipation and put it into a contemporary jazz piece with funk and hip hop flavours. He wrote ‘Cult of the Bell’ four years ago and the game is yet to be released – at least Greg has the music right? Meanwhile another saxophonist, Ryan Hall, channeled the craziness of Covid-lockdown-cabin-fever and crafted ‘Pizza Pizza Fun Time’, a playful work laden with cheesy pop-culture references. Listen out for the jazz in-jokes (winky-face emoji).  

The Latin Conjunto takes us from the slyly erotic to the proudly comic. First, Beach Boys fans be warned: the classic ‘God Only Knows’ has been rearranged. As director of the Conjunto Mano Mora says, you ‘may find this challenge somewhat irreverent, but great songs by their nature often give rise to unconventional renditions.’ Join us to find out if it’s better than the original. We CAN be sure you’ll enjoy a full-hearted descarga, or jam session, with ‘Sofrito’. This Cuban piece is open for extended improvisations and unbridled fun. Also, sofrito is a delicious sauce used in Spanish-Caribbean food and now we’re hungry.