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25 November 2022
6.00pm – 9.00pm AEDT
Esme Timbery Creative Practice Lab
This event has ended
Fragmented collage of an arm and smoke swirling around each other.

We’re blurring the divides between art and living, between notions and notations, between perception and mirage. What is truth? A breath is just a breath. Or is it? Our rituals and mantras unfold as identities disolve and are reconstructed. Life is noisy and we’re making sense of it, distilling it, and leaving musical traces for the future to know us by. 

Ten emerging musicians. Ten playful, sometimes cathartic, always bold works. Join us for a big night of music, ideas and curious imaginings. 


Natalie Liu 
Reveling in the Ravelling 

Art is not sterile. Indeed, it never could be. Inoculated into a single work is every passing thought, every mundane experience, and every seemingly inconsequential event, splayed provocatively on a stage or discovered in deep, introspective thought. A tapestry reveals itself in this work, intertwining art and life, weaving the fractures of extra-musical with the inter-musical until they are one.  

Andy Carter 
Re [in] spiration 

Air is vital for the continuation of life. We cannot exist in a vacuum. And yet, everyday, we are tasked with capturing this invisible essence, to control it and shape it to our will. We imprison this force of nature on a daily basis, but we pay it no attention. It sinks into our subconscious. Musicians, especially, are required to control the wind in the most specific of patterns to create music. Re [in] spiration, a work by Andy Carter, hopes to end this inattention, to create an understanding of the unthinkable nature of breath and air. By deconstructing the process through which a musician organises their breathing, Carter hopes to bring to the fore the taxing and arduous task that is respiration, and through the use of various visual stimuli, demonstrate the physical toll one must experience to produce beautiful sounds.

Jessie Guo 

Your soul is a chosen landscape, a blend of harmonious and clashing shades. Step into minds, changing, morphing, coalescing. Watch stories unfold as orchestrated portraits project and transform psyches using a range of familiar visual arts media live. Complemented by the polarity of Liszt’s evolutive transcription of Saint-Saens’ Danse Macabre and Debussy’s contemplative Clair de Lune, this audio-visual fusion creates an immersive and private environment peering into the fragile inner workings of the individual.

Lachlan Finch 
To Whom It May Concern 

To Whom It May Concern, as this file opens, so do your eyes. Your intrigue lead you here, as our art lead you there. Modern waves move, but as ripples fade, stories do too. I hope this piece clearly gets to you.  

This piece of work explores the idea of writing a digital letter through performance, to the people of the future who may study the art of our era. The performance aims to capture a snapshot of today’s world, as the trumpet creates business through looping, technological effects and sampling instruments. 

Xinghan Feng 
The Strip of Möbius 

Beyond the time, you can't slip away from the Möbius ring. Things get repeated, more than peace, more than freedom, more than justice. All sorrow will unfold, and all love will return here. Everything seems to be changing, but nothing seems to have changed. The so-called dream is like a boat guided by the wind and lost and swaying. There will always be the returning day.  

TSOM is a piece saturated with allegory. All information are hidden in the music and waiting to be discovered. Don't close your eyes, beyond the time, beyond the darkness; let us find, let us explore, let us love… 

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Tara Barnett 

Impending: imminent, forthcoming, approaching, at hand.  

Impending… is a passionate and expressive musical and poetic journey that explores our emotional response to anticipatory grief. This 15 minute performance is a wave of emotion that is personal yet universal and features the works of 19th and 20th century composers: Frederic Chopin, Fanny Mendelssohn-Hensel, Miriam Hyde and Alberto Ginastera alongside 19th and 21st century poets: Emily Brontë, Christina Rossetti and Rupi Kaur. Impending… fuses music and poetry and explores the emotions surrounding the imminent loss of a loved one. With compelling, live poetry and captivating music that fills the performance space with lyrical yet bold sound, Impending… takes us on a journey that renews our sense of hope to keep our lives moving forward.  

Erin Pacholke 
Be Our Guest 

Be Our Guest is a short immersive theatre experience exploring the extremes of human desperation and the lengths one will go to in order to get what they want. Inspired by everyone’s favourite childhood murder game, Clue, you’ll be transported to a world of intrigue, suspense and Agatha Christie.  

The Gamemaster has invited 7 guests to their annual dinner party. You are the last to arrive, but soon discover an intriguing fate has befallen one of the other house guests. What will you discover as you roam about the house and meet the other guests? And who is the mysterious masked figure who invited you here. With only 15 minutes, you’ll need your wits about you to figure it out.   

Are you game enough to be our guest? 

Thomas Wills 
Iter ad Finem

“We can go through life without really discussing or witnessing the end of life.”
“Do we avoid discussing it because we think others will get upset if we bring it up, and does this then leave important things unsaid?”
The Journey to the end, what is compels our minds to dwell on such questions? What does your journey look like?

Iter ad Finem invites the audience into an atmosphere of reflection on death, as you are taken on a journey of introspection. It invites you to contemplate your own journey, reflecting upon a focus that you might find familiar or unknown.

Comprising of poems from Yeats and Ziv, that pairs with the music from J.S Bach, Kate Moore and Alistair Robertson.

Chang Geng 
River Dancer 

How is Schostakovich’s waltz sounds like on Guzheng? How will the piano create an image of a peaceful night near the river in Spring? Two distinctly historical and cultural rivers meet through music. The interchange of instruments between the West and East is a bold and new experiment. In this project, you will experience the charm of "Piano Poets", the enthusiasm of the Uyghur people, the splendour of a Western palace ball, and the beauty of a bright moon rising over the sea. 

Ishaan Vellani 
Rustling the Deities 

Immerse yourself in the sonic fronds of epochs past, framed in ancient ceremony and dance, woven together in hues of clarinet and pianoforte. From the mantras of dawn to the worship of the new moon, allow your senses to speak through the souls of past, present and forevermore.  

This spiritual happening brings to life the outlandishly vivacious score of Nicholas Vines’ Clarinet Sonata (2013), interlaced with interludes of improvised clarinet and interpretive dance. As the plumes of incense dematerialise into the ether, dispel your clench on here and now.