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The Future Frontline: The role of the ADF in disaster response

15 September 2021
7:30pm - 8:30pm
This event has ended
Photo of Australia on fire from space

Australia and the world are experiencing worse fires, longer droughts, and more severe floods — the projections from one of the world's most significant reports on climate change makes for alarming reading.

Our nation has not been in conflict; however, millions of Australians are significantly less secure now than they were 18 months ago. And if our citizens are not secure, how can the nation be secure?

The wellbeing of both the citizen and the state is the goal of all sound public policy. The role of the military in responding to and in some cases leading the national response to these emerging domestic and human security challenges is ever evolving.

The Australian Defence Force is playing a prominent role in the national response to the impact of our ever-changing climate and the health response to the global pandemic. Is this, and should this be, the role of the Australian Defence Force? How will this impact upon readying our nation for future conflict?

Join Commissioner Georgeina Whelan, Commissioner of the ACT Emergency Services Agency and former Brigadier in the ADF as she explores the future frontline and the role of the ADF in the 2021 UNSW Canberra University Lecture.