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Global cooperation, but not as we know it

22 November 2023
5.00pm – 6.00pm AEDT
This event has ended

Global cooperation, but not as we know it: the business case for reforming multilateral governance

Join us for the 2023 CIBEL Global Network Conference Keynote with Mr John W.H. Denton AO

The world faces a growing number of challenges that no single country - even the best resourced - can solve on their own. Whether it is managing risks in the global economy, maintaining peace and stability, or tackling climate change, collective action on the part of states (and other actors) is increasingly necessary to deliver an effective response to major global risks. 

But while global governance is thus functionally necessary - and, moreover, normatively desirable - it is proving ever more difficult to deliver. What options are available to foster more effective cooperation between nations? What lessons can be learned from the multilateral response to recent crises? And what role might business play in shaping and delivering global governance systems that are fit for purpose in a deeply interconnected economy?

Keynote Speaker: Mr John W.H. Denton AO, Secretary General of International Chamber of Commerce

Chair: Professor Andrew Lynch, Dean of UNSW Law & Justice

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About the Conference

The 2023 CIBEL Global Network Conference & Young Scholars Workshop seek to promote academic and policy debate over the major opportunities for and challenges faced by governments in reshaping their own economic systems, as well as that of the global economic governance collectively, focusing on the role and impact of the Asia-Pacific.

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