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Good Robot / Bad Robot: Living with Intelligent Machines

12 August 2018
3.00pm – 4.15pm AEST
Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House
This event has ended

We are heading into a world where robots will be an increasingly important part of our lives. This won’t just have an impact on the future of work, but on the future of everything. What will it mean if robots are our toys, our pets, our friends and our partners?  If robots can be everything from carers to warriors, what does this mean not just for human lives, but for the way we understand human intelligence, human values, and humanity itself? If we want technology to create a better future for people all over the world, what do we need to do right now to make sure that we can steer these extraordinary developments in the right direction and avoid a dystopian future?

Hear from a panel of experts including Toby Walsh, Scientia Professor of Artificial Intelligence at UNSW; Ellen  Broad, Head of Policy at the Open Data Institute; and Hae Won Park, research scientist in the Personal Robots Group at MIT Media Lab.

This is a Sydney Science Festival event, part of National Science Week, and co-presented with the Sydney Opera House.

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Toby Walsh

Toby Walsh (Host)

Toby Walsh is an ARC Laureate Fellow and Scientia Professor of AI at UNSW Sydney and CSIRO Data61. He is a strong advocate for limits to ensure AI is used to improve our lives, having spoken at the UN, and to heads of state, parliamentary bodies, company boards and many other bodies on this topic. He is a Fellow of the Australia Academy of Science, and was named on the international Who's Who in AI list of influencers. He has authored three books on AI for a general audience, the most recent entitled Machines Behaving Badly: the morality of AI

Ellen Broad

Ellen Broad

Ellen Broad is an independent consultant and expert in data sharing, open data and AI ethics. She has worked in technology policy and implementation in global roles, including as head of policy for Open Data Institute and as manager of digital projects and policy for the International Federation of Library Associations & Institutions.

Hae Won Park

Hae Won Park

Hae Won Park is a research scientist in the Personal Robots Group at MIT Media Lab. Her work focuses on developing interactive social machines that deeply personalize to their users over a long-term interaction.  While doing her PhD at Georgia Tech, she co-founded Zyrobotics, a company that provides inclusive mobile technologies to make learning accessible. 

Paul Willis

Paul Willis

Paul Willis is the former Director of the Royal Institution of Australia, presenter on ABC TV's Catalyst program, palaeontologist and science communicator. Paul spent 14 years with the ABC as a dedicated science reporter where he travelled across the country and around the world for the science program Catalyst. While at the ABC he also became an accomplished radio producer and presenter and a skilled online content producer. Under his directorship, RiAus built and still runs Australia’s Science Channel, a 360 degree online science hub for Australia and the world. He’s been a museum curator in natural history and a live presenter of science to early-aged school children. Paul has authored several books on geology, palaeontology and natural history themes and his PhD looked at fossil crocodiles of Australia. Paul is currently an Adjunct Associate Professor in Palaeontology at Flinders University.