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Human-centred design for greater health outcomes

11 March 2020
12:30pm - 1:30pm
UNSW CBD Campus Level 6, Theatres 5 & 6 1 O'Connell Street Sydney, NSW 2000
This event has ended
Head shot of speaker Kate Dunn

Performing surgery that requires drilling or manipulation of bones presents many challenges. While surgeons are highly skilled at working with the human body, every body is different, and surgery may be the result of a unique physical condition that requires incredible skill and precision to treat. For paediatric surgery, the challenge is greater still, taking into account the much smaller scale of a child’s skeletal system. These are challenges that design approaches to 3D printing are here to solve.

Join us for the next in the UNSW Sydney Alumni series Learn@Lunch. Dr Kate Dunn from the UNSW Faculty of Built Environment will share how an exciting new wave of 3D printing technologies and materials is spearheading a more accurate and human-centred design approach to healthcare. In her talk, she will unpack how her work with Westmead Children’s Hospital in Sydney sees her 3D print models of infant bones that can mimic the exact size, shape and properties of the child they are about to operate on to advance accuracy and ultimately, results.