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Industrial Policy for A Green Transition: Confronting Competition and Disruptions

22 November 2023
10.00am – 11.30am AEDT
This event has ended

Join us for the 2023 CIBEL Global Network Conference, Reshaping the Global Economic Governance: Opportunities and Challenges for the Asia-Pacific Region. 

This panel explores the proliferation of industrial policies for a green economic transformation worldwide. These policies may intensify competition and even lead to confrontation which would disrupt global supply chains and climate, and other sustainability activities. It will identify major underlying problems and advance possible solutions. 

The Panel

  • Associate Professor Weihuan Zhou (Chair)
  • Assistant Professor Mandy Meng Fang
  • Professor Bryan Mercurio
  • Professor James Laurenceson
  • Associate Professor Michelle Lim

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About the Conference

The 2023 CIBEL Global Network Conference & Young Scholars Workshop seek to promote academic and policy debate over the major opportunities for and challenges faced by governments in reshaping their own economic systems, as well as that of the global economic governance collectively, focusing on the role and impact of the Asia-Pacific.

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