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LIVESTREAM Design & Cultural Identity

8 July 2020
12:30pm - 1:30pm
This event has ended
head shot photo of speaker Trent Jensen

How deeply do we understand design? What do objects say about our history, context, and place?In this year of change and reflection, we may find ourselves examining the narratives that have shaped our cultural identity.

At our next virtual Learn@Lunch, leading designer and UNSW Art & Design lecturer, Dr Trent Jansen, will explore his unique approach to conceptual design, known in his studio as Design Anthropology. Through his work, Dr Jansen collaborates with people across different cultures to embody their values, ideas and attitudes in single artefacts.

Hosted by Professor Ross Harley, Dean UNSW Art & Design, this talk will explore Dr Jansen’s award-winning approach to collaborative design and the impact it can have on our national culture and consciousness.

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