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LGBTIQA+ in Science: A panel discussion hosted by Dr Lisa Harvey-Smith

31 August 2018
10:00am - 11:30am
Hugh Dixson Theatre, AGSM Building (G27)
This event has ended
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LGBTIQA+ in Science @ UNSW

For Wear it Purple Day on the 31 August 2018, UNSW’s Faculty of Science is delighted to be hosting a panel discussion about the experiences of LGBTIQA+ staff and students in Science. We are very lucky to have Dr. Lisa Harvey-Smith (astronomer, author, speaker & TV presenter) hosting the panel, joined by panellists:

  • Matt Davis, PhD Candidate, Centre for Ecosystem Science, School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Emily Lu, Bachelor of Advanced Science/Engineering (majoring in physics) student
  • Associate Professor Danielle Navarro, Computational Cognitive Scientist, School of Psychology

Each panellist will share their experiences of being LGBTIQA+ in their science fields or study areas.

What is Wear it Purple Day?

Wear It Purple Day is a global movement where members and allies of the LGBTQIA+ community wear a piece of purple clothing to work to show their support for rainbow young people and the queer community. In 2018, you are invited to not only to be proud of who you are, but also to EMPOWER TOGETHER. Celebrate and empower the diversity that surrounds us; diversity in sex, sexuality and gender identities, in perspectives, in values, in everything!

Proudly brought to you by UNSW's Science Equity, Diversity and Inclusion team.