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MedTech Innovation: Driving collaboration between Medicine and Engineering

9 June 2023
1.30pm – 2.30pm AEST
Level 4 Seminar Room, Lowy Packer Building
This event has ended

Innovation in MedTech aims to address important unmet needs to deliver better outcomes for patients and healthcare professionals. Successful translation of MedTech innovation, however, is a multi-disciplinary effort that requires a range of clinical, technological, commercial, and regulatory skillsets. As traditional research funding becomes more limited, collaboration and translational thinking are required to unlock many new funding opportunities in government, commercialisation, consumer, and industry partnerships.

Your first step to progress your research and translate innovative solutions to unmet needs can be to engage the UNSW Tyree Institute of Health Engineering (Tyree IHealthE).

The Tyree IHealthE can:

  • Crystalise the translation potential of solutions to unmet need with technological and commercial expertise
  • Identify engineering technology experts for discussion and collaboration
  • Bring capabilities to supercharge your research by integrating new devices and AI software tools or rapid prototyping
  • Address barriers to collaboration
  • Open funding avenues including MRFF, development grants, ARC funding and other translationally focused funding

Please join A/Prof James Otton (Consultant Cardiologist at St Vincent's Private Hospital and Liverpool Hospital) and Dr. Ian Goon (Head of Strategy and Innovation, Tyree IHealthE) for this short interactive presentation and discover how UNSW Engineering can help your biomedical innovation and research.

This will be a hybrid event, taking place in the Level 4 Seminar Room, Lowy-Packer Building, 405 Liverpool St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010 and online. Please note this event will be catered. Both in-person and online attendees must register for catering purposes and to receive a link to join the seminar remotely.

Dr Ian Goon

Dr Ian Goon

Head of Strategy and Innovation at the Tyree Institute of Health Engineering

Ian is Head of Strategy and Innovation at the Tyree Institute of Health Engineering (IHealthE) focused on executing IHealthE's strategic initiatives for identifying unmet healthcare needs and driving the translation of innovations to address these needs. Ian and his team engage with healthcare professionals to understand the unmet needs, assess translation potential and bring the best of UNSW expertise, to co-design and accelerate the development of solutions that deliver improved healthcare outcomes. Ian has a background in engineering, having completed a Ph.D at UNSW and has spent time in commercially-focused roles as a consultant with the Boston Consulting Group and co-founding a digital health start up.

A/Prof James Otton

A/Prof James Otton

Cardiologist at St Vincent's Hospital and Liverpool Hospital

A/Prof James Otton is a clinical cardiologist with a PhD in cardiac imaging and a Masters of Biomedical Engineering. He has experience in biomedical start-ups and has ongoing research collaborations with UNSW Biomedical engineering and CSIRO