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Micro-phenomenological Examination: Absence and Presence

11 October 2023
2.00pm – 4.00pm AEDT
The Bank, UNSW Kensington
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Test a method for exploring lived experience in detail!

This session guides participants through a practical examination of the micro-phenomenology method – an interview and analysis technique designed to help us become aware of and locate unnoticed elements of experience.

Lucia Barrera will lead a small group in exploring their personal relationship to the sensation of presence and absence. Micro-phenomenology will serve as a tool for self-inquiry, particularly in the context of our intersubjective experience. We will examine the pre-reflective dimension of a singular experience, the sequence in which these aspects appear, and the relationship between them.  

Developed by cognitive researcher and phenomenologist Claire Petitmengin, micro-phenomenology is a precise method for the study of experience (Petitmengin, C., & Bitbol, M. 2009). It emerged as a response to philosopher and neuroscientist Francisco Varela's call for a methodological approach to investigating experiential aspects of cognition within the context of his neurophenomenological research program (Varela, 1996).

Lucia Barrera

Lucia Barrera

Lucia is UNSW Scientia PhD Scholar - Mental health and arts-based knowledge creation and a Research Associate with the felt Experience and Empathy Lab (fEEL).  Lucia undertakes research on the intersubjective factors of emotional health, implements micro-phenomenological interviews to explore subjective experience in a structured way, and utilises immersive media, such as Virtual Reality systems, to explore embodied interaction.