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Professor Delia Chiaro: Translating humour for (the) screen(s): from theory to practice

13 February 2024
5.00pm – 6.00pm AEDT
Matthews Theatre C
This event has ended

The School of Humanities and Languages programs in Linguistics, Translation, and Interpreting invite you to a hybrid (both in person and online) public talk by Professor Delia Chiaro of the University of Bologna, Italy.

Professor Delia Chiaro's talk will present a snapshot of the state of the art of the practice of screen translation today with particular reference to Italy’s dubbing industry. 

You can find more information on this event and register for your tickets here
If you'd like to join this hybrid event online, you can join it here on Zoom.

A headshot of Professor Delia Chiaro

Professor Delia Chiaro

Born, raised and educated in the United Kingdom, Professor Delia Chiaro has spent her academic life in Italy where she has recently retired from her position as Professor of English Language and Translation at the University of Bologna. Her research has focused on everything and anything that is benignly multi-faceted and incongruous including bilingualism, audiovisual translation, humour and especially a mixture of all three. She has over a hundred publications in the form of articles, book chapters and books as well as having been invited speaker at conferences around the world. She has been interviewed on her research by the BBC (2018), the journal Mind (2018), The Economist (2019), and Swiss Radio (2020). The Language of Jokes in the Digital Age (published by Routledge 2018) will be followed later this year by Comedy in Political Language: How Politicians Use Humour (Cambridge University Press).