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Psychiatry & Mental Health Research Seminar

22 February 2023
4.00pm – 5.00pm AEDT
This event has ended
Professor Helen Christensen wearing a tweed jacket and reading glasses headshot

Psychiatry continues to face major challenges including: (1) Prevention may be effective, but is rarely implemented, and largely underfunded by Government; (2) Treatments are hard to access, with long waiting lists, and professional help is both scant and inequitable, and (3) Treatments work, but not for everyone, and treatments can be hit and miss.

This talk will illustrate how technology can address these issues in these three areas: (1) apps/websites that can deliver prevention interventions widely and cheaply; (2) new online clinics which step people through a range of online choices, and may provide efficient care; and (3) digital phenotyping and AI driven adaptive trials may improve treatment suitability and effectiveness.

Helen Christensen stands wearing tweed jacket and reading glasses

Scientia Professor Helen Christensen AO

Scientia Professor Helen Christensen (AO) is Scientia Professor of Mental Health at UNSW Sydney and Board Director of Black Dog Institute. She is the former Executive Director and Chief Scientist at Black Dog Institute, having led the organisation from 2011 to 2021. Professor Christensen is a leading expert on using technology to deliver evidence-based interventions for the prevention and treatment of depression, anxiety, suicide, and self-harm. Her research also encompasses prevention of mental health problems in young people through school-based research programs. These programs are aimed at the prevention of depression and suicide risk through eMental Health interventions.