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Reverie: Visual Matrix

6 October 2023
10.00am – 12.00pm AEDT
The Bank, UNSW Kensington
This event has ended
Visual matrix CG model

The visual matrix is a psychosocial method for researching shared experience, stimulated by sensory material relevant to a research question (see Froggett, et al, 2015). It is led by imagery, visualization and affect, which in the matrix take precedence over discourse. The method enables the symbolization of imaginative and emotional material, which might not otherwise be articulated and allows "unthought" dimensions of experience to emerge into consciousness in a participatory setting.

The visual matrix session comprises viewing of stimulus material and a facilitated session in which associations are generated, immediately followed by collaborative reflection/analysis. The stimulus for this visual matrix is ‘A Pathway to Reverie’ by Chloe Cassidy – an installation of objects, which can be touched/held and used as sensory anchors for self-regulation.

Chloe’s PhD, a Pathway to Reverie is a design project that draws on Wilfred Bion’s conception of reverie and integrated models derived from Learning from Experience (1962, 2019). Bion’s work, which foregrounds experience, also informs the visual matrix method.

A Pathway to Reverie is a descriptive model of practice for trauma-integrated practitioners. It was developed by Chloe from practice-led design research that introduces somaesthetic and imaginal sensitivities to trauma-informed frameworks, with a focus on establishing a sense of safety and cultivating an experience of reverie. Outcomes and work in progress that document the crafting of sensory anchors for self regulation will be shared with participants in an interactive open studio environment.

This session will be of interest to those in social science, health, creative art and/or design with an interest in emotion, affect, trauma and/or methods/evaluation.

Tea and biscuits will be available on the day - Let us know if you require vegetarian, halal, gluten free of dairy free options.