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The Science of Trust Experiment

16 August 2024
4.00pm – 8.00pm AEST
Roundhouse, UNSW Sydney
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This event is part of SciFest 2024. It is free to register, however spaces for this event are limited.

Over 5 million people live in Sydney – how many of them do you trust? Join us for an exciting experiment where we delve into the intricate science of trust through an interactive, real-time experiment using a videogame. Bring your phone, your curiosity, and a few friends to see just how much you trust each other.

In this immersive experience, participants will engage in a collective game of Bards and Bandits, hosted by UNSW A/Professor and Arludo Director Michael Kasumovic. Will you amass the greatest treasure by plundering your enemies, or will you rely on trusting your friends? Discover the delicate balance of trust, cooperation, and competition as you navigate through this thrilling game.

What to Expect:

  • Real-Time Experiment: Participate in an interactive videogame designed to test and explore the dynamics of trust among players.
  • Social Strategy: Develop and refine your social strategies to emerge victorious, whether through alliances or clever deceit.
  • Insights on Trust: Learn about the factors that influence trust, the consequences of betrayal, and the rewards of cooperation.
  • Fun and Learning: Enjoy a fun-filled event that also offers valuable insights into human behavior and decision-making.

Trust is a fundamental aspect of our lives, influencing everything from personal relationships to professional interactions. Understanding how to make informed decisions about trust is a vital skill. Test your intuitions and ideas about trust, build and lose reputations, and gain a deeper understanding of the risks and rewards associated with trust.



Bring your phone, your friends, and your sense of adventure. Let's see how much you trust each other in The Science of Trust Experiment!

There are four sessions, which will run at 4pm, 5pm, 6pm and 7pm. Each session will go for approximately 30 mins.

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Michael Kasumovic

Director, Arludo

Michael is the Director and Founder behing educational gaming company Arludo. He is an Associate Professor in Evolutionary Biology at UNSW Sydney, and is on a mission to make STEM subjects more appealing to younger generations. Michael's mission with Arludo is to inspire students of all genders, ages and backgrounds to unleash their inner scientists and level up their critical thinking skills.

"Science is continuously misunderstood, misused and politicised by the leaders we count on. We want future leaders – today’s children and young adults – to have a much healthier relationship with science and the thrilling role it can play in their daily lives. That’s what drives us"