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Solo 2019 // Short Performance Works

14 August 2019
7:00pm - 8:30pm
Io Myers Studio, E8 Theatres
This event has ended
body blowing up a balloon

Experience the live in a night of bold experiment as 19 solo performance makers take us into heartbeats and mutant feats: delicate unsettlements, breath-taking surrender.

These 5 minute performance works have been created by our UNSW Solo Performance Making students to entice, surprise and transform us.

The 2019 performance makers are: 
Laura Anderson
Chelsea Bahar
Steven Cheng
Li Shuang Angela Chua
Harriet Fisk
Keshya Gunawardena
Tia Haes
Micayla Laurence
Kashish Mahbubani
Cameron Mather
Thi Nguyen
Charlotte Robertson
Caitlin Stibbard
Brittany Turner
Samuel Walsh
Jordana Wegman
Bethany Wilson
Xiaoxuan Yang
Huimei Zhang