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Theory of Living Systems Webinar Series

11 August 2021
11:00am - 12:00pm
This event has ended
graphic of purple cells against a balck background


Modern approaches to research in the life sciences are more quantitative than they have ever been. Across a broad spectrum of fields, the precision, fidelity, and resolution of available data only continues to improve year on year. This has so far proved transformative, leading to an increasing role for theory and computation, and raising the prospect of truly integrated approaches to the study of animate, living systems.

The Theory of Living Systems is a free webcast seminar series to promote cutting edge research at the interface of theory, computation and life science created for research communities across Australia, New Zealand and other regions with similar time-zones.

‚ÄčThis webinar series will encompass a broad range of traditional disciplines, including (but not limited to) biophysics, systems biology, mathematical ecology, active matter, computational neuroscience, collective behaviour, bioengineering, and much more.

Speakers include national and international researchers from UNSW Sydney, University of Melbourne, University of Wollongong, Indian Institute of Science, University of Oxford, CalTech, and more.

Professor Adelle Coster will speak on 11 August. She is an applied mathematician and head of the School of Mathematics and Statistics at UNSW Sydney. She uses dynamical systems analyses, stochastic modelling and queueing theory, amongst other techniques to answer questions arising from fields other than mathematics, particularly in biomedicine and biology.

Register online to receive details and sign in instructions for each webinar.

Webinars are typically fortnightly on Wednesdays. Talk times vary depending on time zones where speakers are based.