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Transforming High Impact ICT Research to Tech Startups

14 October 2019
2:00pm - 3:00pm
Ainsworth Building (J17), Room 101
This event has ended

What are the emerging trends in Information and Communications Technology? How can we turn ICT research into large scale, new technologies?

Dr Mark Reilly, Managing Partner - Technology at IP Group, will be sharing with us IP Group's view on the emerging trends in the ICT sector and the technological advancements that will be required to enable those trends. The talk will focus on the evolving nature of human-machine interaction and the implications it has on all areas of ICT, from interfaces to sensors, from networks to security. Drawing upon case studies of disruptive ICT companies in the IP Group portfolio that have emerged from university research labs, this talk will highlight the potential for directed ICT research to create new technologies that could be scaled via entrepreneurial spin-outs.

Location: UNSW Sydney, Ainsworth Building (J17), Room 101, Sydney, NSW 2052 Venue Map