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Transitioning to a Clean Energy Future

11 November 2019
4:00pm - 7:00pm
Leighton Hall, John Niland Scientia Building, UNSW Kensington
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Gain insight into an extensive range of industry leading expertise and capabilities that will explore some of the major challenges and solutions needed to support the transition to a clean energy future.

Grant King, President of the Business Council of Australia, will appear in conversation with Australia’s leading experts in solar PV, grid-scale batteries, hydrogen, and electric vehicles and machines.

Our experts include:

  • Scientia Professor Martin Green,
    Director of the Australian Centre for Advanced Photovoltaics, UNSW
  • Emeritus Professor Maria Skyllas-Kazacos,
    School of Chemical Sciences and Engineering, UNSW
  • Scientia Professor Rose Amal,
    ARC Laureate Fellow, School of Chemical Engineering, UNSW
  • Professor John Fletcher,
    Head Energy Systems Research Group, UNSW

Through a panel discussion and Q&A session our experts will provide insight into future thinking and practice in key areas where swift action is required including decarbonising the grid with renewables, energy storage, electrifying industries and transport, clean fuels and energy policy, markets and consumers.

This is a great opportunity to connect with a selection of UNSW’s leading academics and discuss research capability, professional education, institutional strengthening and innovative solutions across the energy sector.

Grant King

Grant King

President of the Business Council of Australia and former Managing Director of Origin Energy

Grant King was elected President of the Business Council of Australia in November 2016. He was a member of the Business Council Board from November 2011 until November 2015 and chaired the Business Council’s Infrastructure and Sustainable Growth Committee from 2010 to 2015. Grant has extensive experience in the Australian energy industry. He was Managing Director of Origin Energy Limited from February 2000 until November 2016. He was formerly General Manager, AGL Gas Companies where he held a number of management positions over a 17 year period.

Martin Green

Scientia Professor Martin Green

Director of the Australian Centre for Advanced Photovoltaics, UNSW

UNSW Scientia Professor Martin Green, dubbed Australia’s ‘father of PV’, is the  Director of the Australian Centre for Advanced Photovoltaics, involving several other Australian Universities and research groups. His group's contributions to photovoltaics are well known and include holding the record for silicon solar cell efficiency for 30 of the last 34 years, described as one of the “Top Ten” Milestones in the history of solar photovoltaics.

Major international awards include the 1999 Australia Prize, the 2002 Right Livelihood Award, also known as the Alternative Nobel Prize, the 2007 SolarWorld Einstein Award, the 2016 Ian Wark Medal from the Australian Academy of Science and the prestigious Global Energy Prize in 2017.

Maria Skyllas-Kazacos

Emeritus Professor Maria Skyllas-Kazacos

School of Chemical Sciences and Engineering, UNSW

Professor Maria Skyllas-Kazacos was one of Australia's first female professors in chemical engineering and the pioneer of the Vanadium Redox Battery which was developed at the University of New South Wales during the late 1980s and 1990s and is now being commercialised around the world in a wide range of energy storage applications. Maria has a great passion for her research work, and has always felt a strong commitment to the environment.

Rose Amal

Scientia Professor Rose Amal

ARC Laureate Fellow, School of Chemical Engineering, UNSW

Professor Rose Amal is a UNSW Scientia Professor and an ARC Laureate Fellow. Prof. Rose Amal is a chemical engineer and the leader of the Particles and Catalysis Research Group. Previously she was also the Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Functional Nanomaterials (2010-2013). Her current research focuses on designing nanomaterials for solar and chemical energy conversion applications (including photocatalysis for water and air purification, water splitting, development of indoor self-cleaning materials, low temperature catalytic reactions) and engineering systems for solar induced processes, using the sun’s energy as a clean fuel source.

John Fletcher

Professor John Fletcher

Head Energy Systems Research Group, School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications, UNSW

Professor Fletcher's research is in the area of power electronics, machines drives, renewable energy and electric vehicle, traction and propulsion. These areas pull together a range of engineering disciplines including electrical and electronic engineering. Professor Fletcher's industrial contributions include aerospace, automotive and renewables engineering. He has worked closely with the defence industry on Silicon Carbide device technologies, radar drives on aircraft, and various power electronic converters for actuation systems.

He currently manages 5 large projects including Micro-grids (inverter control techniques), maintaining stability of the grid with high-penetrations of PV, safety-critical machine drives, the use of power electronics in water treatment systems, and a recently announced grant of energy from waste heat.