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UNSW Allens Hub Annual Lecture: Nancy S. Kim

21 September 2023
5.00pm – 7.30pm AEST
Allens Deutsche Bank Place, Sydney
This event has ended

UNSW Allens Hub Annual Lecture with Nancy S. Kim

One of the biggest forces shaping how we act and interact online is often overlooked – digital adhesive terms, such as 'Terms of Service' and 'Terms and Conditions'.

Adhesive terms have reshaped social norms, facilitated harmful business practices and undermined consumer protections. They allow companies that exist primarily online to wield enormous power and to escape liability.

We are once again on the precipice of mass adoption of a new technology with the potential to change the world – generative artificial intelligence. Once again, companies will deploy adhesive terms to justify and normalise what might be considered questionable business practices, products and services.

Professor Kim will explain why we must – and how we can – stop surrendering to digital adhesive terms, and become the architects of the terms of our online engagement.