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UNSW x National Science Week 2022

21 June - 23 August 2022
9.15am – 10.00pm AEST
image with bird, robotic hand and brain
Breakthrough science in action – the future is already here.

The UNSW x National Science Week program is a celebration of the latest global developments in science, medicine, technology and engineering. In 2022, learn how the backyard bird count is helping safeguard the future of our feathered friends; what new scientific discoveries can teach us about the pursuit of pleasure and its relationship to pain; the diverse uses of RNA technology for challenging health conditions and so much more.

Explore the events below! 


14 Aug 2.00pm 3.00pm
Materials scientist and engineer Professor Veena Sahajwalla is a visionary inventor creating a new generation of green materials, products and resources reformed from waste.
15 Aug 6.30pm 7.30pm
DIGITAL EVENT | Why our relentless pursuit of pleasure leads to pain and what we can do about it.
16 Aug 6.00pm 8.00pm
Nuclear technology adoption is already happening, why aren’t we talking about it more?
16 Aug 6.30pm 7.30pm
Join our panel of prominent bird advocates as they discuss their adoration of our feathered friends and the ongoing efforts to promote and protect them.
17 Aug 6.00pm 8.00pm
Half the people in the world live in places highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. How can we best support people put at risk by disasters and other climate change impacts? What role can leaders, lawyers and ordinary people play in advancing climate justice? What needs to happen now to protect the most vulnerable, today and into the future?
17 Aug 6.30pm 7.30pm
Join our panel of experts online as they discuss how RNA technologies, combined with other drugs, can help in the fight against cancer and the future role of RNA technology to treat conditions such as cystic fibrosis and schizophrenia.
18 Aug 6.30pm 7.30pm
Regenerating Australia is a 17-minute short film created by Damon Gameau and will be presented by UNSW Science and Sustainability as part of National Science Week. Join our panel of diverse experts as they discuss how we can commit to a fairer, cleaner, more community focussed and sustainable future.
23 Aug 6.30pm 7.30pm
How can we equip ourselves for a future plagued with uncertainty? Immerse yourself in the science looking bravely to the future