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Virtual Reality Experiences

3 – 13 October 2023
10.00am – 4.30pm AEDT
The Bank, UNSW Kensington
This event has ended
VR experience: EmbodiMap, St George Hospital Festival of Care

Immerse yourself in Virtual Reality from fEEL's Experiential Visualisation program, informed by a distinctive combination of psychosocial research and creative practice. 


Try out an interactive creative tool that enables users to identify, connect with, and explore the way that anxiety and distress is experienced in the body.

Waumananyi: The Song on the Wind 

Enter the Anangu world of the Central Desert with Waumananyi -- an Anangu-led response to the experiences of constraint, entrapment, and depression through the traditional story (or ‘tjukurpa’) of ‘The Man in the Log’. Waumananyi is an innovative VR artwork used in mental health programs in remote communities in the APY Lands. Developed by Uti Kulintjaku and fEEL.

A Safer Place? Stories from the Emergency Department

Follow eight experts with lived experience as they guide us through a virtual reality experience of a hospital Emergency Department [ED]. They describe the scenarios of mental distress that led to their admissions, along with their experiences of waiting rooms, ED beds, and hospital procedures—and their insights into what can be done to address the shortcomings of emergency care. A fEEL Lab production in collaboration with RMIT.

The Visit

Enter the complex emotional and perceptual world of dementia. Visitors are invited to sit with Viv, a life-sized, photorealistic animated character whose dialogue is created from verbatim interviews, drawing us into a world of perceptual uncertainty, while at the same time confounding stereotypes and confronting fears about dementia.

Parragirls Past, Present

Witness the stories from the Parramatta Girls Home through a deeply moving 3D immersive experience, unlocking former residents' memories of institutional ‘care’.

Being Debra

Shot from a first-person perspective, Being Debra by artist Debra Keenahan, conveys the artist's embodied experience of achondroplasia dwarfism in contemporary Australian society (with all its challenges, ugliness and triumphs).