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What is good practice in urban humanitarian response?

19 August 2019
5.30pm – 6.30pm AEST
Adams Auditorium | Mezzanine Level | Building 111 | Northcott Drive
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Today, there are over 4.2 billion people living in our cities. By 2045, the prediction is that there will be six billion, with most growth taking place in Asia and Africa.

Against this backdrop of rapid urbanisation, increasing disasters, conflict and displacement, and an aid system geared towards rural response, what are the challenges and opportunities of working in urban spaces for the humanitarian sector? And what is good practice in humanitarian action for urban response?

This event is a launch of a Good Practice Review in Urban Humanitarian Response, commissioned by the UK’s Overseas Development Institute (ODI) and authored by UNSW’s Professor David Sanderson.

David will identify current and growing urban threats, discuss challenges of management and city governance, and present lessons in good practice currently undertaken by organisations including the United Nations and the Red Cross.

About the book

The book is published by the ODI and the Active Learning Network for Accountability and Performance (ALNAP). It was funded by the European Commission and the Global Alliance for Urban Crises (GAUC). It is available to download here.

Photo of David Sanderson sititng in front of a brick wall

David Sanderson


Professor David Sanderson has 30 years’ experience working across the world in development and emergencies. He worked for eight years for the NGO CARE International UK, as head of policy and subsequently regional manager for southern and west Africa. From 2006-2013 David was Director of CENDEP, a centre at Oxford Brookes University focusing on development and emergencies. Between 2013-14 he was a Visiting Professor at Harvard University. David was appointed the Inaugural Judith Neilson Chair in Architecture at UNSW Sydney in 2016.